The Cut & Make

“Thank you so much for making the most divine dress. My husband was thrilled with it and I had so many compliments on how exquisite the fit was.”

When you buy a couture wedding dress from me, I design the dress around you. You are my mannequin. The cut of the dress will be designed to fit you perfectly and to enhance your figure.

The next part of the couture process is the physical cutting of the pattern, the toile and then finally the cutting of your gown using the final fabric.

What’s critical here is making sure that the pattern cutting into the fabric, matches perfectly with the design of the gown that I’ve created for you and is balanced throughout the dress.  I know precisely where the seams, closures and other detailing will sit, so I can make sure that the cut of the gown is created to perfection.

Most importantly, I not only design each and every one of my dresses, I usually cut my own patterns and fabric too - something I’ve been doing for 20 years for my clients.

My machinists are highly specialized in the art of making couture gowns. They use couture dressmaking techniques, embroidery, beading, lace making and hand finishing artistry, which are so vital for the expression of design in each of my gowns.

Of course you’ll probably never have the need to explain all this to anyone else – they’ll just be wowed by how beautiful your dress is and how perfectly it fits you. But you’ll know the attention to detail that’s gone into making your wedding dress and will love wearing it all the more as a result.