24 Dresses

24 Couture Bridal Gowns a year, for 24 Exclusive Brides.

Once upon a time I ran my business from a beautiful bridal shop in London – near Mayfair and just around the corner from Selfridges on New Quebec Street. We created stunning bridal gowns that our clients adored, dressed a number of well known celebrities and regularly featured in all the best magazines. We were incredibly busy which was exciting.

I knew then, that when I returned to my passion of making beautiful wedding dresses – once my children were old enough, as they are now - that I would do things differently.

I decided that I did not want to make hundreds of wedding dresses. I wanted to concentrate on making a few perfect dresses for a few exclusive clients. That’s where the idea of “24 dresses” started. To deliver the kind of service that I want to give to each client, I will only make 24 dresses for 24 brides each year.

I want to make the experience of creating a wedding dress just for you to feel as enjoyable, exciting and uplifting as the wedding itself.

I also want it to be stress-free. To do this, I want every bride to be to feel at home during each consultation and fitting. So that’s where I’ve built my new studio,  in my newly renovated home in London. It’s here that we will meet and plan your perfect wedding dress in peace.

The dress that I’ll create for you will be the most beautiful you will ever wear. It will also only ever be one of 24 couture bridal gowns I make each year.